Sunday, July 5, 2015

Today - Sunday, July 5th

Today we will have many events happening again in Portage du Fort!

Café Thé Fundraiser
Yesterday was such a success that we will have tea in the garden again! Today, Sunday 11-15h at 29 Rue Mill. The event is to raise money for an orphanage in the town of Kimilili, Western Kenya. Join us for tea, coffee, snacks, or luncheon - cost is by donation only

Larry Evans will be performing live with his acoustic guitar along Rue Nancy from 12-14h

Open Studios
Our regular studios will be open, plus additional studios for this weekend. Walk around town, download our walking map here.
Stone Stable Studio - 16 Rue Nancy
Art Barn - 8 Craig Street (behind the house, also accessible via Rue Nancy)
Harbour Square Studio - 16 Rue Main
Catholic Church Hall - 23 Rue de L'Église (behind the Catholic Church)
29 Rue Mill

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